Friday, April 29, 2011

part deux...

finally, i was able to get some photos to transfer from my phone to my computer. with that said, i have to tell you my new favorite is the WYNN and ENCORE too! the WYNN reminds me of a modern BELLAGIO. the pictures pretty much speak for themselves...enjoy!

speaking of the ROYAL WEDDING, i couldn't help but take a few photos of these amazing wedding cakes on display at a bakery as you entered the WYNN. i can only imagine what the cost is for one of these cakes, lol!

if you love butterflies, you'll love the WYNN! the butterfly motif can be found all over, on the ceilings and even the tiles on the floor!
i couldn't help but be attracted to all the beautiful drapery and how about those beautiful sconces!

plenty of fabulous places to shop!
check out the drapes, sofa and pillows.....loving the RED!

looking out at the waterfalls...

so much to see and do, especially at the WYNN and ENCORE! not to mention the beautiful beach clubs, wish i took a few photos. here's one from the outside of ENCORE:

next time i definitely want to stay over at the WYNN!

sorry, i don't have time to separate the photos between what were taken at the WYNN and those that were taken over at ENCORE.

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  1. I went to Vegas a couple of years ago... and I'm dying to go back!! Love the Wynn! It was one of my favorites when we checked out all the hotels.