Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! Plus, my artwork is finally complete! YEAH!

so excited, SANTA came a little early this year! ha! ha!

i've been searching for months for the perfect antique brass picture lights. i finally found them at a lighting shop back in michigan. i ordered 3 wishing i ordered more, however, considering the cost for 3 was around $150.00, i decided to wait! ha! ha!

my parents have picture lights hanging over all of their oil paintings at their house and my dad loves to remind me that he paid around $20 for the same picture lights some 30 years ago, lol! nice, huh! meanwhile, i kept telling him i could always just steal his! ha! ha! 

oh well, below are two of my oil paintings that i purchased from a local artist back in michigan attached with the picture lights!
here's a view with the lights on:

now i just have one more oil painting to be framed before i can put on the picture light. at that point, i'll be all set! that is until i am ready to invest in another beautiful oil painting. it's quite an investment considering the cost for the oil painting, the cost to have the painting matted & framed and finally the cost for the picture light, but in the end worth every scent! plus, each painting is insured under my personal articles policy, of course!

i must have been a really good girl this year, i hear SANTA also bought me a new CONCORD watch for christmas! i also received notification from RUE LA LA that it's shipped, hee! hee!

shopping is so much easier with sites like RUE LA LA, ONE KINGS LANE, JOSS & MAIN and GILT GROUPE. don't you agree, ha! ha!

oh, in case you missed my last post! i am hosting a fabulous GRAPHIC IMAGE giveaway, click HERE for the link.

 check out the fabulous color choices:



  1. wow youre such a great artist!!

  2. love that journal design, it reminds me i have to get one soon...
    follow me and check out my art

  3. Your artwork looks gorgeous! Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by my blog.