Thursday, November 24, 2011

love the plaid!

hopefully everyone made it safely to your holiday destination!

we left chicago early yesterday, but apparently not early enough! traffic SUCKED, but eventually we made it safely home to grosse pointe! i have to tell you it's great to be back in michigan for thanksgiving!

i don't plan on participating in any black friday blockbuster sales! although, i will probably head over to somerset at some point tomorrow and pick up an early christmas present from GUCCI! i think? time will tell!

curious if anyone took advantage of NEIMAN-MARCUS' midday dash sale yesterday?

i ended up ordering this adorable scottie cookie jar:
love the plaid sweater, so cute!!

best of all NEIMAN MARCUS finally accepts VISA & M/C! it's about time!!!!

oh well, have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. Adorable scottie! Have a great Thanksgiving :)

  2. That's a cute cookie jar. A friend bought my daughter a cute red dress with a scottie wearing a plaid sweater or coat. It's cute. Scotties are cute.