Monday, July 4, 2011

"upnorth" part one...

happy 4th of july!

i'm home after 6 days vacay up at our cottage in northern michigan. it was rough driving home today!  we were spoiled with awesome weather! low 80's and NO humidity...who could ask for better weather! of course we get to chicago and the temps are in the 90's...UGH!!!

first up, i wanted to share some photos from leland, michigan. one of my all-time favorite places to visit! after all, i have been coming here my whole life! our cottage is located between leland and glen arbor. so many wonderful memories!

below are some photos from "fishtown" ...enjoy!
i loved the flag hanging below...such an awesome picture!
if you are in leland, you MUST pick up something from TUG STUFF!
i love the sandals above with the tug boat logo!
of course, you'll have to be sure and stop over at haystacks! another one of my favorite shopping destinations in leland!

another one of my favorite stores is niki & greta's. the store reminds me sort of what the mole hole used to be! oh, how i miss that store!!!!

check out the toilet below, hilarious! i love how they advertise for "poo-pourri" --- get it, ha! ha!
below is a view from the bridge looking out at lake michigan. although, my photo doesn't to the view justice! sorry, i forgot my camera....AGAIN and had to resort to using my phone!
here's a view from "fishtown" looking back up towards the cove.  btw, they have THE BEST keylime pie! seriously TDF delish!!!!!
finally, don't forget to pick up some whitefish and smoked chub from carlson's...YUM!!!
also, don't forget to stop over at the mercantile [the grocery store] and pick up some award-winning raclette cheese and sisson's peas & peanut salad! sounds crazy, but this salad is seriously delish and worth the ridiculous price! ha! ha!
here's a close-up of sisson's peas & peanuts....YUM!!!!

hope you enjoyed this brief visit to leland, michigan! check back later for more photos from my vacation!

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  1. Ahh vacationing upnorth... I grew up in Michigan so that certainly brings back a lot of memories! Looks like fun!!