Sunday, June 26, 2011

what do you think?

you know if one more person asks me if these are my real nails? i think i am going to slap someone! no not really, but you know what i mean! lol! ...oh, and yes those are my real nails!
unfortunately, i do not know the name of this OPI nail color! kind of bummed, b/c i really like it!

my husband returned home from vegas yesterday with $$$! yup, the sucker won! not a lot but at least he came home about $950.00 in cash! i asked if he wanted to go shopping? his response was to put it in the bank! the bank, lol!!!!

so to celebrate his "winnings" we went out for dinner to hugo's frog bar & fish house! if you are ever in chicago, i highly recommend checking it out! i absolutely love this place! too bad they didn't have the soft shell crab i had last time, but i ended up having the king crab stuffed shrimp [shown below] and my husband had frog legs. yum!!!!!!

before i forget, just a couple more hours until the lilly pulitzer home sale starts over at rue la la!

not a member of rue la la? no problem, click here for your personal invite. sales are private! membership is free!


  1. 1. LOVE that polish color
    2. WON money…free to spend shopping!!! (I would!) haha!
    3. Next time you are in the Balt/Annap area let me know…I would love to meet you and stop in The Pink Crab with you!

  2. I like your manicure but I lvoe your ring. I am a sapphire girl myself. My engagement ring is sapphire stone as the main stone with 5 little diamonds in the band on either side. An homage to my birthday.

  3. That color kind of looks like You're a Pisa Work. I have it on my toes right now!

  4. I love Hugo's Frog Bar! I had the Tuna Steak and it was amazing!