Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekend getaway...

sheesh, the weather in chicago was such a tease yesterday! so bummed, the nice warm [55 degrees! yes it rained but compared to the weather we have had lately, it was okay with me!] weather we had yesterday IS gone! it was the first time that i was able to be outside without a jacket! well, if anything it just means spring is right around the corner!

we are spending the weekend up in lake geneva, wisconsin and staying at the grand geneva resort & spa. below is a photo of our hotel room. i would show you a picture from outside our bedroom, but unfortunately we look out at the parking lot! ha! ha! wish we looked out over the golf course, but whatever!
i don't have this at home, but love it when hotels/resorts have televisions in the mirror! not that i plan on spending much time in the bathroom, but still a fun feature. ha! ha!
wondering what's playing in the background? that would be "suck my kiss" from the red hot chili peppers! still love that song, hard to believe it was release back in 1991! yes, 20 years ago!!! GASP! for those of you who are old enough [like myself] to remember, lol!!!

this afternoon i ventured into town and decided to visit my favorite shops! unfortunately, i made the mistake of wearing my new saks 5th ave. loafers! duh, note to self --- DO NOT WEAR LOAFERS WHEN THE GROUND IS WET!!
ugh, my toes got a little wet! oh well, thank god i remembered to bring my duck boots!
oh well, right now i am taking a break from the shops and enjoying a little internet time over at the largest starbucks in the U.S. yup, it sure is! this place is huge and it's packed! wish i decided years ago to be the first to open a starbucks in lake geneva! if so i would probably be a millionaire by now! ha! ha!
as far as the "pampering" part of our getaway, i was going to go over to the spa for a manicure/pedicure. well, that's not going to happen! i chipped a nail and whenever one nails goes they all go!  i can't stand seeing people we nails that are not the same length, it drives me NUTS!!!  oh well, decided to enjoy the indoor pool instead, so much for a little time!

not sure where we are going to go for dinner. there are so many great restaurants in lake geneva and the surrounding area. we are definitely going to try some place new! sushi would be good, so we shall see!

oh well, i hope you are enjoying your weekend!

take care,



  1. Well sounds like Lake Geneva is the place to be.
    Can you believe the snow? After yesterday and the warmer weather (although in the evening I could feel the weather change).

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. I love your LV and Vera travel gear on the bed. We went to dinner last night in Clarkston and the weather turned ferocious on us on our way there. There were about 8 cars off the road in the ditches along I-75 on the way home. What a mess.... Spring can't come soon enough for me.

  3. Looks like you all are having a great time! I did do a post on the wrislet when I received! :) I LOVE IT!!!!! It is sooooo cute!